Invest Singapore Bonds was created to educate retail investors about Singapore bonds.

Learn more about Singapore Savings Bonds (SSBs), Singapore Government Securities (SGS), retail corporate bonds and perpetual bonds through this website. There is a section dedicated to explaining these bonds so that readers can learn how to properly invest in them. We generate monthly analysis of new issuances of the Singapore Savings bonds. When other new bond issuances are announced, we provide timely analysis. Readers can also keep abreast of news regarding credit health of the Singapore Government and Singapore companies. Finally, there is also up-to-date summaries of the Singapore Savings Bond interest rates, SGS bond yields and fixed deposit rates in Singapore.

We hope to grow the community of Singapore bond investors. Bonds are a great asset class for any investor’s portfolio. Every investor should have bonds in their portfolio for diversification. Bonds also provide regular income stream for investors through coupon payments. In a low interest rate environment like ours today, bonds outperform.

We also aim to further grow the website into a vibrant community serving readers knowledge about Singapore bonds.


I am currently working in an investment bank and I dream to become a successful fund manager in the near future.

I graduated in 2016 with a Master of Science in Financial Engineering. Financial Engineering is a quantitative discipline that provides financial institutions with valuation of financial products. Financial engineers are more popularly known as Quants. We work with financial institutions to structure investment products and value them. Unfortunately, this discipline was part of the reason for the 2008 financial crisis where subprime loans were immorally re-bundled as loan tranches with lower risk profile.

So, instead of using my knowledge to structure ill-fated products that destroy market stability, I would like to share my knowledge in a simple and more meaningful way. This website gives me the perfect opportunity to do so.