Singapore Bonds Interest Rates

This page provides up-to-date Singapore bonds interest rates at a glance. Here, you will find key interest rates data and trend charts that are very useful for fixed-income investing. Read on to find out more about them.

  1. Singapore Savings Bonds (SSBs) Interest Rates
  2. Singapore Government Bonds (SGS) 10Y Benchmark Interest Rates
  3. Singapore Government Bonds (SGS) Interest Rates
  4. Corporate Bonds Interest Rates

Singapore Savings Bonds Historical Interest Rates

In this section, you will view the latest SSB Historical Interest Rates and Average Returns trends. Data starts from Oct 2015 when SSB was first launched by MAS. Also obtain your free PDF copy of these compiled Interest Rates and Average Returns below.

1. SSB Interest Rate Yield Trend

The first chart below illustrates the historical Year 1, Year 5 and Year 10 Interest Rates / coupon yields offered by different issues of the Singapore Savings Bonds.

Tip: SSB offers step-up coupons to encourage longer-term savings.

2. SSB Average Returns Trend

The next chart shows the historical Year 1, Year 5 and Year 10 Average Returns that an investor would receive by holding the particular issue of SSB for that time duration.
Tip: The longer the you hold the bond, the higher the average coupons or returns. If you are contemplating between SSB and other fixed income products, do use the average returns for comparison.

3. Download Singapore Savings Bonds Historical Interest Rates Data

If you are interested in the SSB Interest Rates and Average Returns data shown in the charts above, you can obtain the data below. The data has been compiled in an easy-to-read PDF. It is updated monthly so keep checking back whenever there is a new issue.

Get your free PDF copies of compiled Singapore Savings Bonds Historical Interest Rates AND Historical Average Returns. (Do not worry about malwares or viruses. PDF is generated directly by Google).
Singapore Savings Bonds Historical Interest Rates Table

Tip: Learn more about Singapore Savings Bonds in our section on Singapore Savings Bonds: Everything You Need to Know. If you want to know more about the latest SSB issue and whether you should invest, head here.

Singapore Government Bonds (SGS) 10Y Historical Interest Rates

The charts below provide up-to-date historical SGS 10Y interest rates. They are updated on a monthly basis (Last update: 2 Feb 2018).

Tip: Use this 10Y data to compare with the 10th-year average return of SSB.

1-year chart


10-years chart


Singapore Government Bonds (SGS) Current Interest Rates

SGS bonds are traded bonds with daily market prices. The table below provides bond yields, prices and other information for all listed SGS bonds sorted by time to maturity.  You can use it to identify the ‘risk-free’ rate for different maturities. This table is updated on a monthly basis to synchronise with SSBs (Last update: 4 Feb 2018).

Tip: SGS bonds are traded daily on SGX therefore they are subject to capital appreciation and depreciation unlike SSB. If you hold them to maturity, there is no capital appreciation nor depreciation.

NameBenchmarkImplied Market Yield (% pa)Coupon (% pa)Time to Maturity (Years)

Singapore Listed Corporate Bond Yield

This section tracks corporate bonds that are issued by companies and listed on SGX. These bonds are traded with daily market prices. The table below provides bond yields, prices and other information for these listed corporate bonds. They are sorted by time to maturity.

This table is updated on a monthly basis (Last update: 4 Feb 2018) .

NameImplied Market Yield (% pa) *Coupon Yield (% pa)Time to Maturity (Years)
Perennial 1810231.574.650.72
Oxley 1911054.165.001.75
Aspial B2004014.765.302.16
Perennial 2004293.524.552.24
Oxley 2005185.155.152.29
Aspial B2008284.795.252.57
CapitaMall Trust2.333.083.05
Frasers Centrepoint2.983.654.30
*Implied yield was calculated using prices with this excellent free yield-to-maturity calculator.