Singapore Savings Bond SSB Interest 2.49%pa Apr 2019 – Invest?

SSB interest rates last 6 months 201903

Singapore Savings Bond SSB Apr 2019 at a Glance

    • Bond ID: GX19040X
    • Interest Rates: 1.96% to 2.49%pa
    • Interest payment dates: 1 Oct, 1 Apr every year
    • Tenure: 10 years (Issue date: 1 Apr 2019, Maturity date: 1 Apr 2029)
    • Tranche size: S$300 million
    • Issuer: Government of Singapore

SSB Apr 2019 Interest Rate

Singapore Savings Bond SSB Apr 2019 offers 1.96% to 2.49% interest over 10 years. This means that you will get S$1087.50 interest over 10 years by investing S$5,000, or S$10875.00 with S$50,000.

Interest Amount
TenureInterest Rate (%)S$5,000 InvestmentS$10,000 InvestmentS$50,000 Investment
Year 11.9698.00196.00980.00
Year 21.9698.00196.00980.00
Year 31.9698.00196.00980.00
Year 42.05102.50205.001025.00
Year 52.12106.00212.001060.00
Year 62.17108.50217.001085.00
Year 72.26113.00226.001130.00
Year 82.35117.50235.001175.00
Year 92.43121.50243.001215.00
Year 102.49124.50249.001245.00

Singapore Savings Bond SSB Apr 2019 offers similar interest rates as SSB Mar 2019. The slight difference is in the long term interest rates which are slightly lower. You will also notice that the interest rates are very different from a year ago (SSB Apr 2019 vs SSB Apr 2018). Over 1 year, short term rates have improved while long term rates have deteriorated.

SSB interest rates 201903

Singapore Savings Bond Interest Rate Trend

Moving on to interest rate trend, you will definitely find the 2 charts below useful. The first plot (blue bars) shows the variation of Year 1 interest rate in the last 2 years. The second plot (pink bars) presents the variation of Year 10 interest rate in the same 2 year period. Likewise, you will see that short term rates have improved whereas long term rates have stayed around 2.3% over the last 1 year.

SSB 1 year interest rate trend 201903

SSB 10 year interest rate trend 201903

For more historical interest rates of Singapore Savings Bond, you should check out the Singapore Bonds Interest Rates page.

Timeline You Must Know

You can start applying for this bond through POSB/DBS, OCBC, UOB ATMs, internet and mobile banking platforms from 1 Mar 2019. Singaporeans, PRs and foreigners can apply for the Singapore Savings Bond. All you need is to be above 18 years old and possess a Central Depository (CDP) Account.

  • Deadline for application: 26 Mar 9pm (do not miss this deadline!)
  • Allotment results: 27 Mar after 3pm

How Does Singapore Savings Bond SSB Apr 2019 Compare with Other Fixed Income Products

As an investor, you must be evaluating other low-risk investment options and want to know how they compare with Singapore Savings Bond SSB. In the following paragraphs, you will see how Singapore Savings Bond SSB compares with Singapore Government Securities SGS Bonds, bank fixed deposits and Singapore Retail Bonds. Let’s go.

Singapore Savings Bond SSB vs SGS Bonds

For this month, Singapore Savings Bond SSB rates are all lower than the yield of SGS bonds (as of 1 Mar 2019). Overall bond interest rates have been rising quickly this week.

SSB vs sgs bonds interest rates 201903

Head to our Singapore Bonds Interest Rates page to learn more about the interest rates for SSB and SGS bonds.

Singapore Savings Bond SSB vs Bank Fixed Deposits

Bank fixed deposits are a popular option for short term investors looking to park their money. There are many banks offering fixed deposits and their interest rates (as of 1 Mar 2019) are summarised in the chart and table below. In the table, you will also find the links to the relevant bank websites for their fixed deposit details.

Singapore Savings Bond SSB Apr 2019 is offering the highest interest of 1.96% pa. ICBC 1-year fixed deposit offers the next highest effective interest rate of 1.95%. Another benefit of Singapore Savings Bond SSB is no early redemption penalty; you can redeem your invest amount  with accrued interest at the end of any month. For fixed deposits, an early termination will cause the loss of accrued interest.

SSB vs bank fixed deposits 201903

Singapore Savings Bond SSB Apr 2019 vs Singapore Retail Bonds

Singapore Retail Bonds are corporate issued debt that pay interest regularly. Their yields (as of 1 Mar 2019) are shown in the chart and table below. You should be aware that retail bonds are more risky than Singapore Savings Bond SSB. And for that reason, Retail Bonds generally pay higher interest than SSB for the same tenure, which you will see this in trend below.

SSB vs singapore retail bonds 201903

Interest Rate (%)
Aspial B2008287.49
Aspial B2004015.11
Oxley 2005184.81
Oxley 1911054.25
Astrea IV 2806143.45
Perennial 2004293.31
Frasers Centrepoint2.99
CapitaMall Trust2.46
Temasek 2310252.07


That’s it for this month’s review of Singapore Savings Bond SSB Apr 2019. Do also check out our article on the previous SSB issue.

For more information on SSB Apr 2019, please visit read about it on the MAS Singapore Savings Bond website.

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