Singapore Savings Bonds Aug 2018 – Up to 3.11%pa Interest

Singapore Savings Bonds SSB Aug 2018 offers coupon yields of 1.78% pa to 3.11% pa from Year 1 until Year 10. Investors can enjoy an average return of 2.57% pa when the bond is held to maturity in 2028. Details are summarised below.

  • Bond ID: GX18080F
  • Tranche size: S$250 million
  • Issue date: 1 Aug 2018
  • Maturity date: 1 Aug 2028
  • Interest payment dates: 1 May, 1 Nov every year

SSB Aug 2018 Application Timeline

You can start applying for this month’s SSB through POSB/DBS, OCBC, UOB ATMs and internet banking platforms from 2 Jul 2018.

  • Deadline for application: 26 Jul 2018 9pm
  • Allotment results: 27 Jul 2018 after 3pm


Singaporeans, PRs and foreigners can apply for the Singapore Savings Bonds. You will need to be above 18 years old and possess a Central Depository (CDP) Account. Head to MAS Singapore Savings Bonds website to learn more.

Investment Guide to SSB Aug 2018

Learn more about the latest Singapore Savings Bonds and see how it compares with previous SSB issues or fixed income products in your exclusive investment guide to the latest Singapore Savings Bonds issue.

Investment Guide to Latest SSB issue

Latest News Regarding Singapore Savings Bonds

Singapore Savings Bonds are Popular

Interest rates are rising, therefore SSB are becoming more attractive over bank saving accounts. The chart below highlights the increasing popularity of SSB.

The most recent SSB Jul 2018 was again oversubscribed. This is the 5nd time in 6 months that an issue of the Singapore Savings Bonds was oversubscribed. Applications for SSB Jul 2018 amounted to S$568 million compared to offer size of S$250 million; it was oversubscribed by 2.3x.

Singapore Savings Bonds Application Amount Graph Aug 2018

MAS Increased Offer Size to S$250 million

To meet the rising demand for Singapore Savings Bonds, MAS had increased the issue size twice, from S$150 million, to S$200 million and to S$250 million. This was in response to strong demand from the recent issues. You can read more about this in the MAS announcement here.

Despite the offer size of S$250 million, Singapore Savings Bonds Jul 2018 issue was still oversubscribed as discussed above. A larger offer size is nonetheless a welcomed move as more Singaporeans and investors can tap into this low-risk bond product.

MAS has Removed S$50,000 Issue Limit for Singapore Savings Bonds

MAS has removed the issue limit of S$50,000 for each SSB issue since SSB Apr 2018. However, the overall individual limit of S$100,000 still applies. This means that investors can apply for up to S$100,000 in any SSB issue subject to the individual limit. There is also no change in the allotment mechanism where smaller applications are filled first when the SSB issue is oversubscribed. More details of this new policy change can be found in MAS SSB official circular and Business Times coverage of this issue limit change for Singapore Savings Bond.

Key Benefits of Singapore Savings Bonds

Singapore Savings Bonds are Safe

Singapore Savings Bonds, introduced in Oct 2015 by MAS to encourage Singaporeans to save, is a low-risk, sovereign-backed bond asset. The Government of Singapore, who issues and backs the bonds, holds the highest AAA credit rating from major credit rating agencies.

The credit ratings can be examined at MAS’s site about Govt of Singapore’s Credit Rating and TradingEconomics’s page on consolidated credit ratings for Singapore.

Singapore Savings Bonds Are Not Traded

SSBs are not traded so there is no capital depreciation nor appreciation. Therefore, bond investors do not need to worry about rising interest rates affecting the value of their SSBs. The Government of Singapore will purchase any redeemed bonds at par value together with the accrued interest.

Singapore Savings Bonds are Liquid

Singapore Savings Bonds are redeemable in any given month without commission charges.

Singapore Savings Bonds Help to Diversify Investment Portfolio

Bonds are essential in any complete investment portfolio to insulate it from extreme return volatility.

Singapore Savings Bonds Aug 2018 is likely to be oversubscribed. Should you invest? Are interest rates attractive enough? Read our exclusive review of SSB Aug 2018 in our MUST-READ Latest Singapore Savings Bonds Issue Investment Guide.
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